New Games

Creepy Cave

Guide Shaggy and Scooby through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles.

Street Fight Steet Fighter

Play as Ryu in this nice retro fighting game.

24 puzzle 24 puzzle

Align the 24 numbers in order from 1-24 in this 3D puzzle.

12 puzzle 12 Puzzle

Fit the puzzle pieces together to solve the puzzle!

Add them up

Add the numbers up before you run out of moves.

Casino slots Casino Slots

Play this fun three-reel slot machine for free with your friends and see
who gets the highest score.

Sniper Freedom Sniper Freedom

No Prison Can Hold Me!

One mean dude wants out of prison, and it's your job to help! Use your superior sniper skills to make the perfect getaway. But be careful; one false shot and you're caught!

Sneaky Sniper 2 Sneaky Sniper 2

Perform Your Deadly Duty!

Yours is not to Reason Why; Yours is but to Shoot or Die. Follow your sniperistic instructions to make it to the next mission, buddy.

Hired to Kill Hired to Kill

Paint Criminals with Lead!

Horrible crimes are being committed, and you need to stop it. Insert bullets into various bad dudes to save the day, please!

Escape the Cursed Island Escape the Cursed Island

I Dont Like This Dr Minstrel Anymore.

Yes, your escaping adventure continues - on the Cursed Island! Oh noes! Naturally, you can't concentrate on escaping, because you have to feed the angry volcano god. Aw, nuts.