Site Redesign was first lunched more than a year ago and was build on agaresmedia game site script with a custom theme.

Why Redesign ?

The script had lots of shortcomings that we were not able to see when we first launched. Working with it for all this period made us see them and was a deciding factor for wanting to change CMS. Lately the hacker attacks hitting on the security issues of the script was the right opportunity to make the bold move to build this community on the proven drupal CMS.

New Features

Lots of new features have been implemented and if all goes well and people like them a lot more are to be expected.

  • Registered users can now embed their favorite games from other sites.
  • They can bookmark them for fast access
  • Vote on them
  • A new tag/category system will help you find the types of games you like most
  • A newsletter is used to inform our users of game releases and or changes to site (emails are not more than 2 per month, your privacy is very much respected and emails are not shared)

A feedback form will be part of the site for some time so that all your comments are expressed and any bugs are ironed out. You can also make Game inclusion requests through this form if you wish.

NOTE: your passwords could not be preserved from last site, use your email as password or change it after log in. Subscription to our newsletter was enabled but you can disable it from the news subscribe tab.

We hope you like the new design and layout and you enjoy it as much as we did developing it.

The team